Innovation &


A step ahead

Luxilon is more than a filaments company; it's a pioneer in innovation. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of both business and technology is evident in our Total Quality Management (TQM) approach. By investing in our team, we've cultivated a mindset dedicated to achieving the highest standards in product quality, technology, and customer service. Luxilon set the industry benchmark as the first to produce tennis strings and other filaments under these elevated standards, showcasing unparalleled consistency. Our success is owed to our exceptional personnel, their unwavering devotion, and our continual pursuit of surpassing expectations every day.


Healthy environment

Embedded in Luxilon Industries' mission is the commitment to create a healthy environment, ensuring players enjoy games and nature around the court without worrying about smog or poor air quality. This dedication extends beyond our workers and neighbors to embrace the entire ecosystem.


Sustainable development

Luxilon Industries' approach to sustainable development goes beyond carbon footprint reduction, considering the entire lifecycle of our products. Our innovation strategy prioritizes greener and safer production methods, incorporating an internal water circuit to minimize consumption. Waste is meticulously separated, resulting in minimal environmental impact.


Solar energy

By selecting more than 1400 solar panels as our main energy supply, our energy needs are met - for most applications upto 100%. This initiative reduces reliance on fossil fuels, minimizing risks linked to conventional energy use and collection. Solar energy emerges as a reliable, renewable, and non-polluting energy source, safeguarding water resources and preventing air pollution from harmful gases.



Our 132,000 rooftop bees contribute to saving the endangered species and provide us with LXN-Honey. We play a crucial role in preserving the bee population, essential for pollination and food production. The bees' exceptional characteristics, from their technical prowess to their vital role in medicine, showcase their significance in our ecosystem. The bees' prolific work results in 300 to 400 jars of honey annually, emphasizing their multifaceted importance in our ecosystem.


Eco strings

As a brand-new addition to the Luxilon tennis string range, we launched the ECO string family. It is the first high-performance tennis string on the market made from and packaged in 100% recycled materials. These new strings will contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly game. Most importantly, this sustainable option will deliver the same high-performance results as the other Luxilon strings.

Behind the Eco Power, there’s the 100% Solar Power initiative: we use solar panels as the main energy supply to promote a sustainable, clean environment.